What is Ares Galaxy?

Ares Galaxy is an Open-Source P2P (Peer-to-Peer) application that allows it's users to download & share almost any digital file over its network. With Ares you can download the latest movies, music, games, applications, wallpapers, screensavers and much much more absolutely free. Since Ares is an Open-Source application, you don't have to pay anything for it. We acutally encourage people to share our software with as many people as they can so everybody could enjoy limitless free downloads.

Why choose Ares?

Unlike many other file-sharing applications, Ares lets you download as much as you want without limiting how many movies or songs you can download. We also do not place download speed caps meaning that you will always get the fastest downloads possible. Ares also has a few unique features that none of other file sharing applications have such as integrated chat rooms and skinnable interface. The customizable interface allows you to change how the software looks in a few clicks of a button. There are 7 preloaded skins available for you to choose from but there are over 1000 others available online.

Notable Features

Extremely Fast Downloads. Since Ares has no caps on how fast you can downloads, you will always be able to download as fast as your computer or internet connection allows you to.

Personal File Library. All your downloaded files will be stored and sorted into individual folders in the Ares file library. This will make finding your downloaded files a piece of cake.

Audio/Video Player. You can watch and listen to music inside the application without having to export songs & movies to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Download, Click, and Watch.

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Download Ares Galaxy

It's completely free and installs in seconds.
Compatible with Windows 95/2000/XP/Vista and 7.

P2P Technology. Ares works on a peer-to-peer network which means that several computers can share/download the same file at once. By doing so, Ares lets you reach download speeds that nobody else can offer.

Customizable Interface. Ares comes with seven custom skins which allow you to change the software's appearance. Don't like the default black interface? Don't worry, you can change that in the settings.

Integrated Chat Client. Unlike any other file-sharing software, Ares comes with an integrated chat client which lets you talk to other Ares users. Bored or need help with something? Reach out to the community!